What a busy server!
Hello anyone, if you are reading this, then Im not alone (yey Very Happy)
Here are a few ideas and quests I have:

a) Is there any kind of starter pack for new players (often used on smaller servers where db is kinda difficult).
b) Apart of the f! loot system the rest of the server seems quite bugfree (I couldn see a lot of the raids atm). Can someone pls fix this (blocks about 30% of the quest on the server including Ebony Blade and Sons of Hodir).
c) Cloth Scavenging doesn "add" sometimes a few cloth from HUMANOIDS, but transforms 14/15 items in any Northrend loot into cloth. As a tailor u get between 20 and 40 frost cloths per mob u kill (AND NOTHING ELSE). pls fix.
Oh btw, u also maintain the spell even if u delete the profession - spell ID 59390, pls delete it from my mainchar - ty.
d) Are the incoming custom quests going to use unused territories like Crater of Azshara, Hyal Raid or Orgrimmar Arena? When are they going to be released?
e) Are there measures to increase the population around here?